Zpsolution Zipper Pull Replacement Metal Zipper Handle Mend Fixer Zipper Tab Repair for Luggage Suitcases Bag

If the hole on the zipper head is less than 2mm in diameter, or the width of the part with the hole on the zipper head is greater than 3.5mm, this zipper replacement is not applicable.
This Zipper Extender is 1 1/2″Long and 1/3″Wide,New Solution Solves the Problem of Easy to Fall Off.
This Metal Zipper Handles Repair Kit is Made of Zinc Alloy and Steel Spring,Set of 4.
Black Color(vintage),Glossy,Durable,Great for Luggage,Jackets,Backpacks,and More.
For Zipper Pull Replace, Easier to Hold and Zip,Perfect Solution for Missing Zipper Pull on Luggage.After Many Experiments, We Have Designed A Better Size and Surface Treatment.
Easy to Replace Broken or Missing Zipper Handles,Solve Your Problem Cheaply, Easily,Quickly.To Attach,Just Clip It On,Attach Instantly and Securely!,