Wet Dry Bag for Swimsuit, Dirty Gym Clothes, Hot Yoga or Beach Bag; Smell Proof Small Gym Bag; Reusable Compression Swim Bag Travel Laundry Bag; Isolate Wet Clothes and Remove Odor

Product Description



365 Active’s mission is to provide affordable, functional and useful gear to the everyday athletic warrior

For the Adventurous, the Playful and the Active

This patent-pending, functional and versatile bag can keep be used to keep the dirt & damp out- or the wet & smelly in!

Secure dirty, sweaty or soiled personal workout gear, sandy bathing suits, hot yoga clothes or accessories in the 365 Saxx sealable smell proof compression wet bag made for ACTIVE people with ACTIVE lifestyles.

Take it anywhere – or take it everywhere!


Bag nozzleBag nozzle A patent-pending design

This unique nozzle is stitched & embedded into the sealed inner-lining, and is specifically designed to allow bacteria and foul odors to be removed from the inside of the bag.

The one-way air flow valve also means that the bag can be compressed; allowing it to be rolled and stored compactly throughout the day.

A common problem. A simple solution.

If you’re tired of having sweaty and smelly workout gear contaminate the rest of your clothes, then 365 Saxx is perfect for you.

Simply place your sweaty clothes into the bag, roll it up, then use the unique nozzle to remove any excess liquids and foul odour before locking it again.

Use the drawstring to tie up the bag to ensure it stays compacted throughout the day.

Place soiled items in bag Release cap on air valve Zip the bag and close the velcro flap Roll the bag to get out as much water and air as possible Close the valve and seal the bag Use the elastic strap to tie up the compressed bag


Commit to your goals by squeezing in a session during the workday.

Only able to work out in the morning or at lunchtime? Not a problem.

Whether you are hitting the pool for some laps before work, heading to the gym during lunchtime, or traveling for business, you’ll want to isolate your wet and smelly clothes from the rest of your possessions.

Don’t worry about the smell, the damp, or space – the 365 Saxx has you covered.


This bag is hardy. Embrace the outdoors.

Manufactured from polyester and PVC, this bag is made with the active athlete in mind.

High quality linings and inner seals allow you to get the most out of your adventure without worrying about tearing or leaking.

For the road. For the mountain. For the beach. For the valleys. Anywhere, anytime, any place.


Packing a bag in a bagPacking a bag in a bag



Product details

Description Storage bag for wet, smelly and contaminated gear. Separate clothes, towels, personal items and eliminate odours. Closing mechanism The ziplocking strip & folded velcro closures allows double-secure sealing to ensure foul smells and liquids are locked in. Space saving Save >25% of space by rolling the bag up and removing all air and liquids. Use the tie string to keep it compact. Weight 4.8 ounces Dimensions 12″ x 16.5″ Patent pending This unique design is awaiting patent approval from the USPTO

WANT A DAYTIME WORKOUT BUT WORRIED ABOUT DAMP AND SWEATY CLOTHES? This leak-proof wet clothes bag is perfect for anyone who has an active lifestyle- keep your workout gear separate while you’re putting in the hours at work! Hot yoga students, athletes, hikers, sportsmen & swimmers all use our bags to transition between workout – to workday!
STAY FRESH AND DRY BY REDUCING FOUL SMELLING BACTERIA AND ODORS: Extract smelly air and liquids and lock in contamination and bad odors by sealing the bag using the smart double seal design. Close the bag, roll-up to squeeze out the air and liquid, close the valve, and secure it with the tie string.
NO MORE PLASTIC OR ZIPLOC BAGS: Lightweight, reusable and versatile; never worry about how to store your sweaty clothes, wet swimsuit or even a diaper bag – simply wash and airdry for reuse! A travel essential – use as a travel laundry bag or as part of your backpacking gear)
SAVE SPACE & REDUCE BULK: This patent pending, unique design compresses the bag’s contents, allowing you to compact your sweaty workout gear neatly and stay nimble for the rest of the day.
COMMIT TO YOUR WORKOUT GOALS: Whether it be for dirty scrubs, smelly gym gear, workout clothes, wet swimsuits or dirty laundry- this stylish and functional bag maximises productivity and will facilitate getting your workout done!,