Untethered 4-Pack Luggage Straps | Belts to Keep Your Suitcase Secure While Traveling, Premium Accessory for Travel Bag Closure

Product Description

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Untethered’s here to feed your wanderlust

Untethered is family owned and operated out of Rochester, NY. We’ve been around the block (AKA the world) and know that the hardest part of travel is the preparation. We’re here for you: the last minute packers, the busy parents, the weekend explorers, and the meticulous planners. Like you, we’re travelers and we want your travel process to be as absolutely simple as humanly possible. Untethered’s Premium Luggage Strap

There are two things needed to create that perfect vacation: The right amount of wanderlust. And a place to put your stuff. Most people already have the first: The innate desire to travel. To move beyond your home base. To explore.

But people have to go buy the second thing, and they usually buy the first suitcase they find that seems cool enough. It has a zipper, pockets, seems like it’ll hold enough.. right?

They get it home and they stuff it right to the brim with as much of their life as it can hold. Then they sit on it, so it can finally be zipped shut. This all works fine until the zipper breaks, and all that hard work is laying all over the airport!

So, what can you, our traveler, do to avoid a fiasco like that?

Well, Untethered’s Luggage Strap is the perfect solution for you!

luggage straps travel accessories explore wanderlustluggage straps travel accessories explore wanderlust

luggage strap travelluggage strap travel

luggage straps travelluggage straps travel

Color Options
Black or Green Black or Green


Easy to spot on color

Fits any size luggage

Mighty Durable

Silicone Nylon

Partial privacy cover Max force tension of over 400lbs

Do you like to push your bags to the limit? With a max force tension of over 400lbs, our heavy duty luggage straps make sure that your stuff stays in your bag, right where it belongs!
Stop wasting money! Using our luggage straps can help extend the life of your bags for as long as possible!
Hate wasting time at baggage claim? The Untethered luggage straps are the perfect way to quickly find your bags as soon as they are released onto the carousel.
Each luggage strap is 2 inches wide and 6 feet long. They connect with a unique 2–stage buckle that clasps tightly and stays that way!
Includes 4 straps, good for up to 2 pieces of luggage. Wrap one around the top of your bag. Wrap one around the side of your bag. Pull em’ tight and you’re all set!,