TSA 3-1-1 LIQUID & POWDER RULE FOR CARRY ON BAG | Everything you need to know from a Travel Agent



If you’re traveling by air, you would need to know about the TSA liquids rule also known as the 3-1-1 rule. This pertains to liquids that are packed and carry-on luggage. This does not pertain to checked bag luggage. So if you’re planning to travel with only a carry-on handbag, then you need it. Stick around and watch this video and if you are new to my channel, my name is Jeanie.


I am a travel agent in Minnesota. I invite you to subscribe and follow along for all different travel tips, advice, inspiration and travel lifestyle, though I’m a big component to traveling light. I only travel with a carry-on with plenty of trips under my belt and dealing with airports a lot. I’ve really had to master this TSA rule, so I might be answering the most common questions to the TSA liquids rule and the powder rule, because there are no limits to the different types of containers that can be brought with you on a flight and don’t worry It’s really not as hard as you may think. It’s actually really easy once you understand it, but you might have a few things that pop up like is this the right size container?


Is this a liquid, or is this considered a solid so we’re going to go through all that today.


So what is the 3-1-1 rule? The three stands for all liquids that you plan on bringing with you and your carry-on must be under 3 ounces or 100 milliliters.


So all bottles must be under 3 ounces or less, and that’s going to be for all liquids, creams, aerosols and gels, so anything that is fits into those descriptions. That’s gonna fit in the 3-1-1 rule. What that means that all of your 3 ounce bottles must fit into one quart size, clear bag, one that means that all people are allowed one bag, each 3, ounce bottles in one quart, size, bag and one bag per person, so make sure that this bag is easily accessible because you will have to pull this back out once you can do the security checkpoints and put it in the bins for scanning.


Is your luggage go through the scanner and those liquids moving around in there? And you don’t want your little baggie they’re gonna search your bag. They are strict with the rules, make sure everything is in your quart sized bag, everything’s sealed tight in your 3 ounce bottles, and you only have one bag and you will be fine now if you have items that are larger than at 3 ounces.You cannot bring anything through that’s over 3 ounces. There is not a specific number of how many you can put in your bag. There is no limit as long as they’re in the correct size, bottles and you can fit as many bottles in this bag as you possibly can, but again stick around to the end, because I have a little tip.


TSA only allows one bag per person. So if there’s anything that is over 3 ounces and or you cannot fit it into that bag that needs it on your checked luggage. So if you’re checking luggage, you can put any size liquids in the checked luggage, but not for carry-on luggage. So if you plan on only traveling with a carry-on you’re gonna, have to master this rule be sure to narrow down all your items, get them in the appropriate sized bottles and bags, and you will be all set.


TSA 3-1-1 LIQUID & POWDER RULE FOR CARRY ON BAG | Everything you need to know from a Travel Agent


TSA has now implemented a powder rule. So any powders that are under 12 ounces you won’t have additional screening for powders under 12 ounces, for example, powder, makeups and stuff that you won’t have issues with those unless they see something funky on the screening process. Of course, however, if you have more powder, such as maybe you’re carrying protein powders or detergents, or something that might be a larger volume than that, you can still bring that. However, they’re gonna have to do additional screenings. So if you have any powders that are over the 12 ounces, you’re gonna pull it out, just like you would your liquids bag. I recommend, if it’s possible, keep it in its original case, not know that you will probably have additional screening and don’t be surprised if they confiscate it and you’re not going to get that back.


You can definitely try, but it could definitely be confiscated. So if you have protein powders or some type of baby powders and larger volumes or something – and you don’t want it to be confiscated, then I would say put it in your check bag. So again, if you’re only traveling with a carry-on, you would have to worry about that more otherwise, just put everything in your check bag and you should be fine. Now there are a few items that are exempt from the liquids rule, and that is medication, so any liquids that are in liquid form or paste form or gel form, and if it’s over the 3 ounces, you can definitely take that with you. However, you’re going to have to pull it out, I recommend again, you know keeping it in its original packaging as possible and have the prescription label with you. So you can prove that it is for medical reasons, because TSA will have to do additional running on that medication.


Also, different ice packs that are partially frozen that are required to keep that medication cold. They are okay, as well as other items that are medical necessities that are kind of involved with that would be like IV bags, pumps and like syringes. So again, yes, if it’s medical, it can be brought through a security and or over the liquids rule. But just know it will have additional screening. And if you have any type of medication that maybe isn’t allowed to go through a scanner be sure to let the TSA officer know that and they will screen it separately. The other exception to the liquids rule is breast milk and formula again.


These items just need to be placed separately into the bin. You don’t have to have your child with you to prove that this is breast milk, that’s not required, but it will have to be screened separately.


Go to the TSA website directly and you can definitely search out other items that you may have questions about. All of your basic toiletry items are allowed on to your carry-on luggage, so shampoos, conditioners, mouthwash, facial cleansers, whatever you know your standard toiletry items those are allowed and you are also allowed to have a razor and tweezers. So again, but that is okay to have those In your toiletry items.


Bar soap is not considered a liquid. As long as it’s in a solid form. Toothpaste is considered a liquid because it’s more gel like so yes, be sure to put your toothpaste in your liquids bag and your soap if liquid.


Mascara is considered a liquid when you are traveling so be sure to separate that out and put that in your liquids bag, because it’s gel based, but that would apply for the liquid rule, and that also goes for any liquid foundations, liquid creams. Whatever type of makeup that you have that smell, gel or paste form that would have to be applied to the eligible and must go in your courts, I say Salvage, chopsticks or lip balms are not considered a liquid and are not required to go in the bay. However, if you have a gel based stick such as Vaseline, I know this comes in more liquid forms or gel forms. Then, yes, those would have to go into the liquid Bag. Now, as I mentioned, TSA has a really great search tool.


If there’s an item not listed on their website that you have questions about, you are now able to ask TSA on Twitter and/or on Facebook. So all you have to do is snap a photo of the item that you have a question about and send it to them on Facebook or Twitter, and they will answer it for you.


Now, if you are like me and you like to have water now remember you cannot bring bottled water through if it’s over the 3 ounces. However, you can bring frozen solid waters through, so you can keep that in mind or you can do what I do. I just bring an empty water bottle with me and once I get through security, I go to the drinking fountain and I go fill it up. When you’re traveling, however, be sure that the water fountains in the water of the country is okay and safe to drink.



Now just pack according to the rules and enjoy your trip.