TRAVELYN 2 Luggage Tags for Suitcases & 1 Adjustable Travel Bag Strap Set – Unique Luggage Identifiers with Privacy Protection Cover – Gray

🧳 Keep Your Luggage Safe & Carry More The Convenient Way With Our Luggage Tag & Add A Bag Luggage Strap! 🌎

We designed these bag tags for luggag to provide you with a convenient way to quickly identify your luggage and protect your privacy while being sleek and easily distinguishable. They are easy to use, suitable for big and small luggage, and made for long term use.

🚢Waterproof, Durable & Versatile – Just Right For All Your Travel✈️

When it comes to quality, we make no exceptions. Each luggage identifiers for suitcases tag for trip is made using waterproof oxford fabric to make sure they can handle rugged use in any weather as well as being adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for all sizes of luggage set with ease.

🎒Add More Storage To Your Bags & Backpacks👜

The luggage carrying backpack straps is designed with a heavy duty ring and quick release buckle so you can easily attach it to luggage for carrying another bag, backpack, clothes, and more without worrying about any rips or tears so you can carry more without any hassles.🛍️

Features You’ll Love:
-🛫 Makes a thoughtful luggage accessories for travel gift for friends and family on any occasion or event
-🛫 We use adjustable buckles to make the tags easier and simpler to use
-🛫 Designed with a snap closure flap to protect your privacy when on the go
-🛫 Crafted with strong stitching and waterproof materials to handle all your travels
-🛫 We use bright and eye-catching colors to make sure they are easily noticeable

Make Traveling Safer, Simpler & More Private With Our Baggage Strap & Luggage Tags Set!
😎 Travel Safe In Style: Each pack comes with 2 luggage bag tags that make identifying your suitcase, backpack, duffle bag, travel bag and other travel luggage a breeze along with including a heavy duty luggage strap so you can easily carry another bag with you the simple way
💯 Quality That Matters: The travel tags for luggage are made of durable oxford fabric with strong stitching that’s waterproof to make sure your airline bag tags and luggage straps are durable enough to be reused even in the long run. We use a sturdy buckle to make sure they stay securely in place.
💪 Heavy Duty Bag Strap: The carry-on baggage strap uses quality nylon material and a strong buckle so you can easily attach it to any travel suitcase or backpack and allows you to conveniently carry another bag, jacket, muffler, clothes, neck pillow, and more
👍🏻 Simple And Easy To Use: Simply fill out your information on the suitcase tag identifiers and attach the travel tags to your traveling accessories – its that simple. The luggage identifier buckle lets you adjust the strap length to provide just the right fit for both small and large items
🔒 Protect Your Privacy: The luggage identifiers for suitcases are designed with a protective flap that helps protect your personal information and can quickly be opened to make sure it’s your bag making it the perfect choice for all your trips and travels,