Travel Wallet Family Passport Holder for Men Women, Neck Pouch Vaccine Card Holder Organizer Case with RFID Blocking

This lightweight, waterproof travel neck wallet is made with RFID blocking material that blocks unwanted scanning to keep your cards and personal information safe from electronic thieves and pickpockets. Durable and lightweight, the fabric is waterproof with super sticky velcro and sturdy zipper, soft and comfortable adjustable and detachable neck strap, ultra-thin design and barely visible even under thin layers of clothing that hide your cash and valuables, this passport The passport holder neck pouch is super lightweight and hangs around your neck to keep your hands free or adds unnecessary bulk when you put it in the bag, making it perfect for travel or business trips. At the same time, the neck strap is also designed to keep your valuables safe, wear your neck pouch around your neck and under your clothes to protect against pickpockets. Hide your passport wallet under your shirt or jacket without being too bulky or obvious. This lightweight, waterproof travel neck wallet features 6 pockets where you can store your valuables however you like. Bring your iPhone, passport, medication, first aid, lip balm/lipstick, credit card, room keys, car keys, itinerary, boarding pass, ID card, money, change, gum, etc. This lightweight, waterproof travel neck wallet is designed to provide a safe and secure way to store your valuables, bank cards, passports, IDs and more, with this passport neck wallet you can enjoy unlimited hands-free security as well as All day comfort and convenience.
【RFID Signal Blocking】This passport holder neck pouch is made of RFID blocking material to protect your credit card/ID card from unauthorized scanning when traveling overseas to crowded tourist hotspots, it is perfect against unwanted RFID readers and Hackers scan your personal data.
【Perfect Size, slim & light】This travel neck wallet for passport size: 8*6.1*0.5 inches. The perfect size to fit in your suit front pocket or jeans pocket, this passport wallet is super light and fits comfortably around your neck and under clothes or in a bag without adding unnecessary bulk, making it perfect for travel
【Multipurpose Storage】This lightweight, waterproof passport holder features 6 pockets, You Have The Versatility to Stash Your Valuables to Your Liking. Carry Your iPhone , Medication, First Aid, Chapstick/lipstick, Credit Cards, Room Key, Car Keys, Itinerary, Boarding Pass, Id, Money, Loose Change, Gum, and More.
【Premium Material】The Travel Wallet is Made of Breathable Water Resistant Fabric, Designed as Anti-Chafing and Anti-sweat, It has Super Sticky Velcro and Sturdy Zipper, Soft & Comfortable Neck Strap.
【Convenient Carrying】Comfortable, Lightweight, and Water Resistant Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Designed to Offer You a Safe and Secure Location to Store Valuables , Passports, and Credit Cards.,