The SkyClip+ Phone & Tablet Holder for Air Travel, Home and Office Use – Inflight Phone Mount & Stand Compatible with iPhone, Android, Kindle and Tablets – Travel Accessory (Black & Black, 2 Pack)

Effortlessly enhance your next airplane flight, train trip, home lounge area, or office work station with the SkyClip+, the mounted holder for smartphones, tablets and e-readers. It enables you to work or play with ease, even on-the-go, thanks to its innovative design and lightweight construction. No matter where you’re headed, the SkyClip+ is the perfect gadget to support your device and ensure you have a pleasant experience. Able to clip to the back of your airplane or train tray table in its up/closed position or sit atop it if you’re having a snack or beverage, this powerful product supports your phone or other device so that you can enjoy hours of entertainment without the “text neck,” stiffness, or pain that may result from holding your mobile device while watching typical in-flight entertainment. A removable securing cord with an adjustable hook ensures your device stays put, even on the most turbulent flights. It keeps you comfortable at home and the office, too. Available in a variety of vibrant hues, the SkyClip+ is made from high-quality materials and will hold up for years to come, ensuring you enjoy your device to the fullest possible extent. Custom colors and even branding options are available, too, if your company is interested in using this product as a unique and practical marketing tool. The idea for the SkyClip and the SkyClip+ was born on a trip to Barbados while watching fellow passengers struggle for a simple solution to use smartphones and tablets to watch movies and use WiFi during the flight. This multi-function device is now available to travelers and workers everywhere to make their time with their devices more pleasant. It’s made for the air—use it anywhere!
TRAVEL CELL PHONE HOLDER AND STAND – Compatible with all mobile devices and tablets, the SkyClip+ is the world’s best mounted mobile device holder for travelling by air or train. It is also a great choice when you lounge poolside, work in the office, or relax at home. Foldable and designed to fit in your pocket or bag, the SkyClip+ enables travelers to work or play while on-the-go. No matter where you’re headed, the SkyClip+ is the perfect gadget to support your smartphone and avoid text neck.
NO-SLIP MATERIAL KEEPS YOUR DEVICE IN PLACE IN TRANSIT: Easily attaching to the airplane tray table in front of your seat or sitting on any flat surface, the SkyClip+ offers a convenient place to mount your smartphone while you are traveling or lounging. It’s made with a powerful no-slip material so your device is secure no matter the surface it’s placed on, or the viewing angle you choose. Best of all, it includes a removable securing cord with an adjustable hook to hold your device in place.
COMPACT, DURABLE DESIGN MAKES TRAVEL EASIER: Our unique design is easy to carry and simple to use. It conveniently mounts on the tray table in front of you so that your device is within reach. This enables comfortable use of your device for videos, email, or social media. When you have finished, simply fold the SkyClip+ and place it in its handy travel bag with hook.
FLEXIBLE ANGLED SMART DEVICE MOUNT: Choose the angle that’s best for you and maximize the limited leg room that you have at your disposal with our innovative smartphone, tablet and e-reader mount. This stand is the ideal accessory for those who are constantly on-the-go, and it offers the perfect hack to avoid text neck, cramping, or stiffness on long flights or other travel.
THE PERFECT TRAVEL HACK: Next time you fly, skip the in-seat entertainment and focus on the superior content on your own device with the SkyClip+. This unique device turns your airplane seat into a home theater, offering a comfortable viewing angle and the ability to engage with your own content in a cramped space.,