The Best Rural Small Towns in Florida

Want to find a rural Florida town to get a mortgage, get a realtor, and live the American Dream or just retire away from the big city? Who doesn’t right?
Today we are looking at great small rural towns in Florida.

Florida had some lame small rural towns that created a big problem making this list. Great small towns were hard to find.
Florida isn’t a total mess`. When you compare their big cities to other states, they aren’t that bad. Miami has some crime but it has amazing food, beaches, and entertainment, Tampa is a solid coastal city along with Fort Myers, St. Pete, Orlando, and Disney.
Like I said in the other videos, I normally do Top 10 lists, but not all states have 10 good rural towns and I don’t want to waste your time with some places that are a reach just to get to 10. Florida has a big problem with crime in its small rural towns. Most of their towns are also part of a metro area. The focus of this series is rural towns. That normally implies a good distance outside a metro area.


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