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Portable lock for doorPortable lock for door

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Airbnb hotel door lock Airbnb hotel door lock

Portable Door Lock – Defend You and Prevent Unauthorized Entry

►At home alone.

►Staying in a vacation rental or cabin

►Staying in a Hotel or an Airbnb

►Have a student in a dorm

►Sharing an apartment with others

►Anywhere you feel the need for additional personal security and privacy

removable door lockremovable door lock

Why Us ?|OZOZO – A must-have security and privacy tool

►Lightweight and Small

A portable door lock that is small enough to fit in your pocket is your best choice.

►Sturdy and Durable

Our portable door lock is made of stainless-steel with the anti-rust feature.

►Easy to Install

You can set it up within seconds,no tools required.

►Compatible with Most Door Types

Our portable door locks have been improved to fit almost all doors that open inward.If you find it doesn’t work for you, a refund will be arranged for you.

Offer Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family

lock for doorlock for door

【Designed for all door bolt sizes】 Unlike the other portable door locks which are available , our portable lock has an improved design and can be easily used for door locks with bolts of all sizes. Hence the lock can be used on a greater number of properties.
【Compact and portable】 Our portable lock for doors is compact and can be easily carried in the hand. Alternately the traveler can keep it in his pocket or wallet to conveniently carry while on a business trip , holiday or other trip. Since it is more portable compared to other travel door locks available, it will not added to the luggage weight
【Used extensively for many applications】The door security locks can be used for a wide variety of different properties like apartment, dormitories for students, hotel, motels. This door jammer will allow the user to sleep peacefully, eliminate all kinds of interference, and allow you to do whatever you wish without being disturbed. It will provide additional privacy and security.
【Simple to install】This door security device is very easy to use since it can be installed on the door within a few seconds, without using any tools.Please refer to the instructions in the fifth picture.
【Worry-free service】 Since our door locks are made from premium quality stainless steel of grade #201, they durable, strong and tamper proof. You can get 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied with our product. Just drop us a message with any problems, questions, or concerns you have about our product, and we’ll reply with a solution within 24 hours. Purchase this door safety lock to make life safer, and easier. Buy the lock now while stocks last.,