Pomchies POM-ID Luggage/Baggage Identification Tags (2-Pack) for Travel Bag Suitcase, BriefCase Quickly Spot Luggage Suitcase

Quickly sport your luggage at the carousel ! Add a little sunshine to your trip with these bright and shimmery poms. These unique, two-pack poms are constructed of silky, stretchy oeko-tex fabric and snap closed around almost any handle or strap. Available in a wide variety of colors. Pomchies pom id mini pom poms make excellent identification for your personal bag , suitcase or use just for fun. Great for cheerleaders, sports teams, dance, swimming, gymnastics.
✔2 Luggage Tags Share to your friends on trip or for your alternative use. The perfect luggage tag to make identifying your bag hassle free.
✔POM IDs are snappable pom poms that can be easily clipped on to any piece of baggage & Perfect for family Most desire for FAMILY TRIP or OVERSEA TRIP, at least cover 2 luggages. Also fits perfectly for all suitcases, gym bags, briefcase.
✔POM IDs are made from nylon/spandex so they are soft, washable, and extremely durable & Good Gift for Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Cruise, Honeymoon, Bridal Shower, Engagement, Newlywed couples and Weddings, the luggage tag set is a perfect gift idea.
✔Make finding your bag easy with these colorful accessories comes with multi colors.
✔POM IDs also come in sports colors, so you can root for your team on the go that Suit for Travel Bag, Suitcase or school bag, sports gear, pet carriers.,