Petmate 290300 Kennel Travel Kit for Pets

The Petmate Kennel Travel Kit equips pet parents with a variety of travel necessities, such as added security hardware and dog travel bowls to optimize their dog travel carrier. The kit’s accessories can be used to modify your kennel according to individual airlines requirements. For airlines that require metal hardware, the kit includes twelve 1/14-inch bolts, five 1-3/4-inch bolts, five 1-inch bolts, twelve washers, twelve nuts, and twelve zip ties for additional pet travel carrier security. Food and water cups are included to provide pets with easy access to nourishment. The absorbent kennel pad provides additional comfort by keeping pets dry during long travel. The travel kit comes with a temporary pet ID tag, shipping ID sticker, and two live animal stickers to make the travel ID process simpler. The kit comes in a 1-pack and a 2-pack to accommodate pet parents’ needs.
PET CRATE TRAVEL KIT: Kennel kit includes one absorbent pee pad, spill-resistant food/water cup, two “Live Animal” stickers, temporary Pet ID tag, 12 ZIPTIES, and assembly hardware. Pee pad measurements: 36 x 24 inch. Can be cut to fit kennel.
FOR PORTABLE KENNELS: Metal nuts & bolts upgrade any pet carrier to airline compliant for most airlines for domestic & international travel. Includes 12 – 1 ¼-in metal bolts, 5 – 1 ¾-in metal bolts, 5 – 1-in metal bolts, 12 – metal washers & 12 – metal nuts
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