Packits Portable Disposable Diaper and Pet Waste Bags–200 Count

Packits disposable diaper bags are perfect for use at home, in the car, or out in public. A great way to hid smelly or unsightly used diapers. Dispose with confidence in restroom waste bins as the durable film prevents odors from escaping. Packits is also versatile as a waste collection bag for walking the dog and a general purpose waste bag for organizing the car or office.
DISPOSABLE DOG POOP BAGS – Premium, ecofriendly dog poop bags are designed with propriety technology, which reduces the need for a bag dispenser, and makes it easy to pull.
ECOFRIENDLY – Packits disposable diaper and pet waste bags are 100% ecofriendly making each use safe for your family and the environment.
DISPOSAL DIAPER BAGS – Not just designed for pet use, Packit disposable bags can also be used for easy disposal of used diapers when at home or on the go. Pair with Packits wall mount to make dispensing a breeze during the messiest situations.
EASY PULL DESIGN: Packits use a proprietary method that makes dispensing easy, dispensing one bag at a time every time. This method also helps reduce waste, removing the need for a bag dispenser.,