Ozeri Twist-and-Go Kinetic Kitchen and Luggage Scale, Portable, Gray

Avoid all last-minute stress before travel, and never go scavenging for batteries again with the new Ozeri Twist-and-Go Kinetic Kitchen and Luggage Scale. Requiring just a single rotational twist, the Twist-and-Go converts kinetic energy into a digital charge so that you can accurately weigh everything from your groceries to your luggage. A simple 120 degree twist of the bezel provides over 3 minutes of usage time, and a 180 degree twist over 5 minutes. With a weight capacity up to 77 lbs (35 kg) and a graduation of 0. 1 lbs (0. 05 kg), the compact and battery-free Ozeri Twist-and-Go Kinetic Kitchen and Luggage Scale is a traveler’s best friend, saving you costly overweight charges and the hassles of last-minute changes.   With its ergonomic form factor, the Ozeri Twist-and-Go Kinetic Luggage Scale naturally contours to the inside of your hand, allowing heavier luggage to be weighed with ease.   A handy Tare button makes the Ozeri Twist-and-Go equally adept at weighing groceries, kitchen items, and calculating postage, while a convenient Unit button easily switches between pounds (lbs) and kilograms (kg).   The Ozeri Twist-and-Go Kinetic Kitchen and Luggage Scale is backed by Ozeri’s No-Hassle , with your satisfaction .
Completely battery-free; simply twist to kinetically charge and power on.
Accurately weighs everything from groceries to luggage, and is equally adept at calculating postage with its Tare button.
Avoid overweight luggage charges at airports with instant and accurate results.
Weighs up to 77. 1 lbs in 0. 1 lb increments (35 kg / 0. 05 kg), with a Unit button to quickly switch between lbs and kg.
Ergonomic and compact design naturally fits in the palm of your hand and stores easily.,