Outus 16 Pieces Replacement Zipper Tags Zip Fixer for Clothes or Bags, Black

Suitable for mending backpacks, jackets, purses, duffle bags, etc.
Practical, durable and sturdy.
Easy to install: 
Easy to install zippers in just seconds without using tools. 
Zipper tabs in easy-to-grip shape are strong when in place. Big eye on the tab for you to attach things like luggage tags, lock, lucky charms, etc. Easy to install in just seconds without using any tools. 
First, slide the metal locking pin through the eyelet on the zipper. Then plug it into the 2 holes on the plastic tab, and push it in until it locks.

Material: nylon and stainless steel
2 Sizes: 1.8 * 0.64 * 0.2 inch/ 1.4 * 0.6 * 0.2 inch
Color: black
Total weight: 32 g

Package includes:
16 * Zip fixer

Suitable for bags, clothes, suitcases, etc.
8 * Small fixer (1.8 * 0.64 * 0.2 inch); 8 * Large fixer (1.4 * 0.6 * 0.2 inch)
Install zippers in just seconds without using tools, the U-shaped pin may be harder to buckle, in order to prevent falling off from the zipper
Don’t pick the U-shaped pin too hard in case of breaking
2 Different sizes U-shaped needles correspond with 2 sizes zip fixers, please don’t mix them up, pick the U-shaped pin gently to avoid breaking,