Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch, Black

The durable Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof 3-1-1 Pouch is perfectly sized for traveling with toiletries, electronics, books, and any smaller items that you want to keep protected and organized on the go. Designed to adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule, this one-quart travel bag is perfect for carry-on air travel and everyday use. The RunOff 3-1-1 Travel Pouch is equipped with Nite Ize patented TRU Zip technology, and is completely waterproof, sand proof, and dust proof (tested to IP67). Featuring durable TPU construction with RF-welded seams, a gusseted bottom, and a clear front panel, this RunOff bag is designed to stand up to all of life’s adventures. Built-in attachment points and integrated belt loops make it convenient to clip and carry this pouch just about anywhere. From the biggest details down to the smallest ones, RunOff waterproof bags are built to be trusted, tested, and tough. TRU Zip Technology – The patented Nite Ize TRU Zip Waterproof Zipper puts the RunOff bags in a class of their own. The simple, smooth-gliding zipper is easy to use and features a waterproof, dust proof, and snag-proof seal for confident closure. Its toothless design is silent, glides smoothly, and offers maximum reliability whether left out in the rain or fully submerged as you cruise down river.
CONFORMS TO TSA 3-1-1 REGULATIONS – Perfectly sized at 1 quart for carry-on travel, this waterproof, gusseted bag will hold all your liquids, aerosols, and gels in their containers up to 3. 4 oz, or full-sized ones when checking your bag
TRU ZIP WATERPROOF ZIPPER – This patented zipper design is the first of its kind: toothless, smooth gliding, and waterproof rated IP67 for secure, confident closure that is TRULY better
DURABLE WELDED CONSTRUCTION – The RF-welded seams and durable TPU material make this one tough waterproof travel bag
DEFENDS AGAINST WATER, DUST + SAND – Not just a waterproof bag, this fully sealed waterproof pouch keeps out dust and sand as well Use it to travel with your toiletries or to protect your electronics from the elements
SECURE IT ANYWHERE – The built-in side anchor points and rear belt loops allow you to secure this slim, waterproof pouch just about anywhere,