Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Cover for Front Seat, Water Repellent Dog Seat Covers for Cars, Dog Accessories, Durable Nonslip Washable Dog Car Seat Protector for Pet Fur w/ Free Seat Belt + Headrest Cover

Product Description

Whether you’ve been to the beach, on a hike or just walking in the city, dogs pick up all sorts of “interesting” but not so desirable things on their paws and coat but there’s no choice, he has to get back into the car!

Meadowlark has designed this quilted pet car seat cover to help you protect your car’s upholstery and keep it free of:

Scratches, Fur, Dust, Mud, Stains, Water, Urine, Bad odors.

The front car seat cover for dogs also has side flaps, a headrest protector and a seat skirt that will fully protect the front seat from your adorable pet’s claws.

The installation of the nonslip pet car seat cover will only take a minute, so you can put it to use as soon as it arrives to your house!

Why Choose The Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Cover?

Because it provides full protection and it’s made with the most durable materials and strong double stitching, and so you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

More specifically, our pet seat cover is made with 4 layers of thick polyester, which makes it waterproof, scratch proof and machine washable!

Two Extras Are Better Than One!

Apart from the premium waterproof pet car seat cover, Meadowlark has also included TWO GREAT EXTRAS.

The first is a headrest protector, so that every inch of the front seat of your car, SUV or truck is covered!

The second is a secure pet belt that will keep your pet safe during car rides

This dog seat cover will Keep Your Car Upholstery Intact!

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✅ FRONT SEAT CAR PROTECTOR: Forget about excess hair, rips, mud, wet spots, and smells ruining your front car seat. Our high-quality car dog seat cover for car is the best seat protector for your car, truck, or SUV for stress-free travel with your pet!
✅ HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: This front seat dog cover car protector for pets is made with 4 layers of durable material for protection. It’s made with water-repellent, non-slip, scratchproof material w/ double stitching for extra strength & comfort.
✅ EASY TO INSTALL: Our easy-to-use front car seat dog cover only has 3 straps to secure. The pet car seat always stays in place because of its non-slip backing and seat anchor. Get our dog car seat cover for the back seat for full car protection.
✅ NO STAINS OR BAD SMELLS: This water-repellent dog car seat covers for dogs with extra thick padding protects your car from bathroom accidents. Simply wipe it down or put it in the washing machine (cold wash, no dryer) to make it good as new.
✅ FREE BONUS GIFTS: Safety is a top priority at Meadowlark, which is why we’re throwing in a free seat belt with our pet car seat covers. You’ll also get a free headrest protector to shield your car from excess hair & dirt to keep your car as clean as possible!,