MasterManner Travel Blanket Airplane Compact with Hoodie – 2in1 Airplane Travel Accessories from Plane Blanket to Travel Pillow with Luggage Strap, Soft Handle & Secure Pocket

Product Description

MasterManner Hoodie Travel BlanketMasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket

MasterManner hoodie travel blanketMasterManner hoodie travel blanket

Compact Packable Travel Blanket with New Hoodie Design

Our innovative lightweight multi-purpose blanket was designed with your comfort and happiness in mind.

The Hoodie design ensures that you will be warm during the whole flight or camping night while the extra-soft material keeps you cozy & reminds you of the feeling you have in your comfortable relaxing home bed. Its large size (62×41”) will cover you completely for 100% comfort and the folded small size (14×13”) makes it perfect for airplane travel, as an ergonomic pillow or as lumbar support.

MasterManner Travel BlanketMasterManner Travel Blanket

Let’s take a look at some features!

Hoodie Design so the blanket keeps your head warm and doesn’t fall off during your napsSoft and warm microfiber so it will keep you warm and comfortable100% Washing Machine Resistant to not leave any fibers on your clothes (check Care Label)Easy-To-Pack in less than a minute in the hoodie only 14×13”Use it as a blanket, couch cover, pillow, carry case, lumbar support or just cuddle buddy

MasterManner Hoodie Travel BlanketMasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket

MasterManner Hoodie Travel BlanketMasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket

MasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket easy to carryMasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket easy to carry

MasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket pillow useMasterManner Hoodie Travel Blanket pillow use

MasterManner Travel Blanket Fold and UnfoldMasterManner Travel Blanket Fold and Unfold

Standard Technical Specifications

Folded Dimensions 14×13” Unfolded Dimensions 62×41” Material Plush- Flannel Fleece Washing Machine Resistant Yes Used as Blanket, Pillow, Lumbar support Easy to Fold Yes Extra Pocket Yes

MasterManner customersMasterManner customers

✈ Game-changing travel pillow blanket with Hoodie – If you need an airplane pillow or an airplane blanket to be cozy on long rides, we’ve got you covered! Our warm fleece blanket will satisfy all the comfort aspects of traveling by combining a soft blanket and a travel pillow into a perfect travel blanket with a hoody
✈ Two steps easy-fold experience with our packable blanket – when traveling, you need a lightweight plane blanket pouch included that can easily be carried around. Using our travel blanket airplane you will discover how simple it is to convert your hoodie blanket into a travel pillow.
✈ Warm & cozy – you definitely should brag about your airplane travel accessories, especially when it comes to this soft blanket with pouch. Featuring high-quality flannel fleece material type of 300 GSM, that will make you feel like you’re under a warm blanket or using your home soft pillow.
✈ Keep valuables with you – we have a few airplane travel essentials that we take on flights, not to mention we don’t have a lot of room, so a travel blanket airplane compact is crucial, plus it’s very important to keep your stuff safe. Therefore we added a front zipper pocket that will securely store all your airplane accessories!
✈ Perfect traveling dimensions 14×13’ for a hoodie travel blanket – make it a gift, or try it yourself, you will find the right size pouch blanket over here! Having a 62×41’’ size plane blanket that you can use in a car, plane, or train will turn long rides into relaxing breaks. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!,