Luvcor Premium Quality Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow Bundle – Best Ergonomic Pillow for Airplane Travel, car Ride, Sleeping. Comes with Eye mask, earplugs and Storage Bag. (Imperial Green)

❤️Say good bye to frustrating long haul flights and wake up feeling rejuvenated traveling with our pillows.
It can also double up as a desk pillow for napping or simply use it as a car travel pillow.

❤️Made with premium quality BASF memory foam core.
Ergonomic design to wrap your neck snuggly with adjustable straps, making it the best travel neck pillows for adults and children above 4 years old. Easy fit for different neck sizes.

❤️Patented design for superb support and comfort without pushing your head forward.
Cosy warm wrap eliminating any plane neck pain to give you the ultimate sleep you have been longing for.

❤️This memory foam neck pillows for travel comes with a travel bag to compress the pillow, making it portable, with minimal luggage space. Or just hook it around your bag for convenience
❤️Look chic & trendy when you travel with our Luvcor flight pillow.
Made with our signature magnetic therapy cloth, mixed with microsensors to give you a sweat resistant fabric for best comfort.

❤️Need crisp and fresh linen for the best sleep? Our neck pillow cover is machine washable.
Simply remove the pillow, throw the pillow cover into a wash bag and wash with low heat and air dry.

❤️ ▪BEST SUPPORT FOR YOUR NECK▪ Luvcor premium Quality BASF memory foam travel pillow keeps your neck comfortably in place with our patented geometric shape design. Adjustable velcro strap makes finding the perfect fit easy with no hard plastics and strings to get in your way. Suitable for children 4 years and above.
❤️ ▪UNIQUE AND STYLISH GEOMETRIC DESIGN▪ Travel in style with Luvcor neck pillow! Prevents your head from rolling forward. We have just the right amount of density in the foam to balance between comfort and support. Supporting your neck from all directions you choose, it has never been easier finding the right position to get comfy.
❤️ ▪SWEAT RESISTANT AND WASHABLE▪ Soft to the touch and breathable fabric keeps sweat away on warm days. Wash reusable silicone earplugs with soapy water anytime you want to keep clean.
❤️ ▪LIGHT AND COMPACT▪ Weighing only 0.6 lb and 5.2 inches in diameter when compacted. Fit into any luggages and bags easily or just hang it outside for easy access with our storage bag. Our premium quality eye mask is lightweight and comfortable. Giving you the best resting experience on a long trip or a short break on the chair.
❤️ ▪SATISFACTION GUARANTEED▪ Made with premium quality materials and workmanship to give you the best Travel neck pillow experience. They are made to last and maintence is easy if it gets dirty. The best travel pillow available in the market!,