Lumintrail TSA Approved Lock for Luggage or Suitcase, Easy-to-Read 3 Digit Personalized Combination, Travel Suitcase Lock, Metal Construction Luggage Lock, Red

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Product Description


Protection for your Peace of Mind: The beauty of this lock is that no key is needed, it’s one less thing to worry about. From the check in counter, through TSA security, baggage handlers both on the leaving side and the landing side, your bags are out of your sight but not always out of mind. Your worry of course is that your luggage will be opened and your valuables stolen.

The LuminTrail TSA Travel lock allows you to securely lock up your luggage, giving you peace of mind. This also means that proper authorities in the US can check your bag and re-lock the padlock to ensure it remains secured, without any unnecessary damage to your property.

3 Color Options: Our TSA locks come in three color options so our customers can pick their favorite one. Black | Silver | Red


Easy to Read Dials: Our high contrast large black numbers on silver dials makes seeing and using the lock that much easier. Simple and easy to use release button making it more convenient to open the lock.

3 Digit Combination: The 3 Digit Combination is easy to set. The original default combination is set to 0-0-0. You slide the reset switch using a pen or pointed object from the left to right position. You set you desired combination and then push the reset switch back to its original position. The combination can be changed as many times as you like. With a secure reset switch built in, never worry about accidentally changing your lock to the wrong combination or your combination being changed during rough handling.


Security and Flexibility in One: Our cable locks allow for flexibility when locking up your belongings, an option not available with standard shackles. Our cables can thread through most standard zippers and hard case luggage lock holes while continuing to be sturdy enough to protect your belongings. At a length of 5 inches from end to end and an internal looped length of 2.25 inches when locked our cable offers the flexibility to secure almost any suitcase, bag or travel case on the market.

Additional 4-ft flexible steel cable: This additional cable is included for added security; allowing you to lock up large items or attach your belongings to a fixed object for protection while traveling. The cable can also be used to secure bags to one another or securing zip pulls. The steel cable is 4 feet long and 3mm in diameter.


Additional Uses: In addition to the airport the lock can be used at the gym, school, fun park, hostel, and work. The lock can be used for lockers, tool boxes, backpacks, computer bags, briefcase, cabinets, purse, chain, cooler and more. Why have multiple locks when you can have just one for all of your needs?

Construction: Coated steel construction for long lasting durability with steel shackle to resist being cut or broken. Strong and built to last metal body.

Size (approximate): 4in x 1.25in x .5in. Weight (each lock only): 2.8oz Cable (included): 4′ L x 3mm(diameter) Color: Choose Black/Silver/Red

Package Includes:

TSA Suitcase Security Travel Luggage Padlock (with original package) 4-ft steel cable

POWDER-COATED STEEL CONSTRUCTION: The powder-coated steel construction provides long lasting durability. Braided steel shackle resists being cut or broken and contains a vinyl coating to prevent rust.
1000 CUSTOMIZABLE COMBINATIONS: 3 digit combination can be customized to you with 1000 different combinations. Number lock mechanisms gets rid of the needto fumble with keys.
MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used on luggage, backpacks, bags, small cabinets, briefcases, computer bags, tool boxes, and more. Recommended for indoor use only.
4-FT BRAIDED STEEL CABLE: Each lock comes with a 4 foot flexible, braided steel cable for added security.
List Price: $7.49