LITTLEFUN Jewelry Making Craft Beads Kits for Kids Girls- Best Christmas Birthday Gift

❤ Jewelry Making Kits – Best Gift for Girls Age 4 5 6 7
This DIY beads set is suitable for 5-8 year old kids girl or DIY-loving people. There are 24 different colors and shapes of beads and small accessories.
This is a valuable complete bead set. These beads can be strung together with the matching crystal lines to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets,
ornaments and more. For 4 5 6 year old girl, this is the best gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Children’s Day or Christmas.

❤ Kids Jewelry Toys for 4-7 Year Old Kids Girl
DIY jewelry can not only add beautiful decorations to 5 6 7 year old girls, but also help to improve children’s hand-eye coordination and creativity,
help to cultivate kids patience and perseverance, let toddlers make better use of imagination, parents can participate together. With complete
accessories, there is no need to buy back accessories, and the kids will be very happy. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and shapes, it
offers unlimited possibilities for the production of bracelets, necklaces and rings.

❤ Specification:
✔Material: Acrylic
✔Color: mix and match, macaron, dream crystal
✔Weight: 200g
✔Size: 7.4*5*1.1 inch

❤ Package Includes:
✔1* beaded set
✔1*10 m crystal line
✔5* lobster clasp
✔5* steel ring
✔10* buckle
✔2* steel headband
✔4* hair band cap
✔1* safety scissors
✔1* exquisite pendant
✔1* tutorial sample diagram

❤ 【Beads Set for 4-6 Year Old Girls】This bead has different shapes, sizes and colors, plus beading tools, all stored in a transparent bead storage box. Ideal for brightly finished bead sets for Kids over 4 years old or DIY enthusiasts. These beads can be stringed together to form necklaces, bracelets, headband, jewelry or key chains. Suitable as a birthday gift for girl age 5 6 7 or a Christmas present.
❤ 【Jewelry Making Kit for Girls Age 4-7】This DIY beads kit can help Kids girl age 4 5 6 to better improve hand-eye coordination, and can also exercise child’s hands-on ability to experience the fun of making jewelry. 5-7 year old toddlers will have a lot of creative ideas in the process of making, so that children’s imagination can be better played. The process of making beading requires a lot of patience, which allows 4-8 years old girls to exercise patience and perseverance from an early age.
❤ 【4+ Years Parent-Child Toys】This jewelry kit is ideal for family fun activities, parents and kids can make necklaces, bracelets or jewelry accessories. It can help 5 6 7 year old girls to develop motor skills, finger strength, color recognition and creative expression. It is a very attractive attraction for girls kid age 4 5 6 7 to play and DIY to make their own unique jewelry, suitable for use at home, outdoor, travel and parties.
❤ 【Friendly Making Kits for 4 5 6 Year Old Kids】This is a bead made of environmentally-friendly high-quality material. It has no odor and no fading. It is moderate in size. This beads set can stand the test of time and let girls age 5 6 7 8 to play and wear. Nothing damage for child, you can use it with confidence. It is also equipped with a bead storage container, which keeps the beads clean and orderly, and it is easy to carry.
❤ 【Perfect Gifts for 5-7 Year Old Kids Girl】Bead set can improve your child’s creativity, imagination, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination and so on. Very suitable for girls boy age 5 6 7 8, can be used as a special gift for kids birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. This DIY beads toy is easy to create and design, so 4 5 6 year old kids girl can enjoy the joy of making with parents (don’t let the kids do it alone to avoid the kid eating beads),