LAKETANEY Calming Collar for Dogs&Cat ,Pheromones Collar,Stress Reliever Relaxing Comfortable, Separation Anxiety (3PC)

Color: Grey Length: 15 in Width: 0.59 in / 1.5 cm Long-lasting calming effect: Calming Collar for All Cats.This waterproof calming cat collar begins to take effect within 1 hour quickly help improve their bad behavior and reduce pet stress.Continuous calming effect up to 45 Days. With this collar, the cat will become tender and reduce anxious and aggressive behaviors like meowing and scratching, making your life happier. Suitable for most cats: This long-lasting calming cat collar is Easy to Use, the cat clam collar features an adjustable system of teeth to prevent loosening.and fits for most weights and sizes of cats, even suitable for small puppies. The latch allows you to adjust the collar easily and it can hold the collar steadily to avoid losing. easy to use: The collar will take no more than 2 minutes to set up:1.Place the collar around the cat?s neck;2. Leave two fingers for adjustment;3. Get in the loop;4. Cut the extra length. Features: Nature Pheromones, Lavender and Chamomile essential oils also help relieve tension and anxiety. Immediate effect within 1 Hour, Continuous calming effect up to 45 Days, No harm and no addiction. Weatherproof, you can give your cute pet protection whenever and wherever you want.Waterproof, no necessary to remove the collar when taking a bath or playing in the rain. Safe, no-harm, no-addiction, no-chemical ingredients, worn continuously and replaced every 6 weeks. Warm Tips: Keep out of reach of children. Carefully wash your hands with soap and warm water when finished. All cats are unique, the calming effect is affected by many factors, such as wearing time, external environment, and cats genes, results may vary.
DRUG-FREE: Lavender and Chamomile essential oils help relieve stress and anxiety, allowing your pet to relax and eliminate aggression. Hypoallergenic. No addictive properties.
FAST-ACTING : cat soothing collars work quickly and start working within 1 hour. Quickly helps improve their bad behavior and effectively reduces stress in pets.
ADJUSTABLE AND DURABL: 15 inches / 38 cm adjustable length. You can choose the comfortable length then cut the extra.Calming collar for cats and kittens Strong and durable ,releases pheromones for lasting up to 45 days.Worn continuously and replaced every 6 weeks for best results.
CONTINUOUS RELEASE: Cat Calming pheromones are released by the collar as your cat wears it. These pheromones mimic your cat’s natural calming pheromone that signals the area is familiar and safe.,