Jumbo Ears Origami Kids Travel Tray Placemat Cover -Gray- Foldable and Easy to Setup with Bonus Portable Multipurpose Side Pockets Organizer for iPad, iPhone, Airplane Activities or Snacks for Toddler

There are laws of nature that can’t be broken, but there are laws that all kids break during travel… they somehow make objects go through solid tables and somehow make them disappear! Specially that One Special Toy! Before you know it there goes the milk, toy, crayon, lego piece, cookie and even the absolute most impossible large objects are no challenge to children’s magical super powers to make them go through a solid table, until now! Thankfully our Origami Travel Tray placemat cover doesn’t require magic or super natural elements to keep your kids snack, toys, games and activities organized on your next trip. This might be hard to believe but with a mix of science and mother knows best brain power, we have created the best foldable travel tray placemat that can stand a chance to your child’s unnatural super powers. Our original *patent pending design has pockets for all of your kids traveling accessories and toys, plus with our also *patent pending side pocket design that convert to a tablet display holder and car back seat organizer. So if you are looking for the Ultimate Premium Best Travel Tray for airplane that has parents like you calling it “the best travel essentials for flying with kids…”, you will love our Origami Travel Tray. Lets help keep kids healthy, avoid wasting time cleaning, less stress from hunting down that absolute irreplaceable toy or spending a fortune buying replacement mats. Save money and enjoy a more relaxed traveling experience with your new Origami Travel Tray. Your children, fellow passengers, flight attendants, pilots and magicians will thank you.
Ultra Portable: Say No to Large Bulky Big Heavy Trays! The Origami Travel Tray is extra lightweight and even fits in your pocket. Parents love how easy it is to open and use it everywhere you go. Includes carrying bag to store airplane activities for kids, snacks on a plane, toys and games accessories.
Less Stress, No Mess and More Fun: Our airplane tray table cover comes with 9 pockets to hold toys, pens, food and even your iPhone. Named “One of the Best Travel Essentials for flying” Pop it open with one hand for a quick snack for your child even in your car. You also get the extra side pockets that turn into back seat organizers that can hold a 10 inch iPad tablet, Nintendo Switch, toys, books and much more!
Stop Wasting Time and Money: Stop throwing away your money on disposable airplane tray covers that do Nothing to keep food or toys from going on their own traveling adventures! Quick and Easy to clean with a wipe, in a sink or even throw it into your washer machine so you can spend more of your time on what you want! All of this while being more Environmentally Conscious
Amazing Gift Idea for Kids and Parents: We include a carry bag, placemat cover and two side pocket that convert as storage organizers. Ideal for airline and train travel designed with a powerful motivational theme. Everyone is talking about our Jumbo Ears Origami Travel Tray and how much they love our original design!
Made to Last a Lifetime: Every Jumbo Ears travel product comes with a lifetime warranty. If you experience any issues with our product just let us know and we will take care of it fast, just check some of our reviews and feedback from parents just like you.
Be that Cool Parent: Our heart warming beautiful art was created with you and your child in mind. We can’t stop hearing from customers, airline employees and kids of how amazing our tray design is. The unisex design brings out the magic, dreams and imagination that only comes from the joy of children.,