HONEYPOLO Stroller Ride Board – Second Passenger Standing Platform Attachment – Lightweight Baby Accessory – Family Travel Essentials – Universal Adjustable Connector – for Child Riders 2-6yrs (25kg)

Do you need an easier way to travel with multiple kiddos?!! This second passenger standing platform attaches right to the back of your stroller!
It’s a safe and easy way to get all your kiddos to stay together!
Give your older children the option to walk, stand, or sit while you walk around!
✓ Perfect for a trip to the airport, amusement park, or everyday stroll!
✓ Attaches securely to most strollers! ✓ Safe for children 2-6 years, up to 25kg (55lbs)! Our design lets your child stand or sit right in front of the adult while walking! This way, you get to keep a close eye on your kiddo, and they get to enjoy a fun way to ride along!
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For Ages 2-6: Our toddler passenger attachment is great for young children or siblings! It can safely hold any child under 25kg (55lbs)! Children ages 2-6 often have trouble walking long distances and sitting for long amounts of time! This adjustable dual-mode stroller board helps children keep up but take breaks if they need to! No more endlessly asking your toddler to walk alongside you! With this ride-along second seat, you can travel together more easily! Keep everyone from getting lost!
Sit Or Stand: This baby stroller board has a standing board as well as a comfortable seat! They can choose to ride-along in the second passenger seat or stand to see the scenery! A dual stroller can cost a fortune! This affordable riding platform is a great alternative! Older children love having a separate seat for themselves! Having them stand right at your feet lets you keep an eye on them during the entire ride! The connectors feel like a skateboard to the kids for a thrilling ride!
Fits Most Strollers: Our stroller board fits on the back of most strollers that have a horizontal axis on the back! You can always send us a picture of your stroller, and we’ll let you know if our stroller attachment will fit! We’ve designed each standing platform for easy installation with no tools required! Our stroller attachments are sturdy, strong, and built to last! Each trailer platform is made of high quality plastic, resistant to cracking and breaking! They come in black, blue, or pink!
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