Headphones for Kids by CozyPhones, Headband Earphones for Children, Baby, & Toddlers 1-3. Stretchy & Comfy for Home, Plane & Car Travel – Mystic Unicorn

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Why kids love CozyphonesWhy kids love Cozyphones

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Cozyphones HeadphonesCozyphones Headphones

Safe Speakers in CozyphonesSafe Speakers in Cozyphones

Volume Protection

The young, sensitive ears of a child have different volume requirements than those of adults, so they have to be cared for accordingly.

To protect from hearing damage and early hearing loss, the built-in volume-controlled circuitry in CozyPhones ensures the sound is within 90 dB levels – the recommended safe level for young children’s eardrums and inner ear.

Features Speakers limited to 90 dB to protect little ears 3.5 mm Stereo Plug 52 inch durable braided kink-free cable No earbuds sticking in the ear or uncomfortable bulky headphones Easily adjustable speakers move around as needed for your comfort

Kid Safe Volume

Adjustable Speakers


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COMFORTABLE KIDS HEADPHONES: Headband earphones are a great alternative for girls & boys of any age who hate earbuds or struggle with bulky over the ear headphones. The cute headband is fun to wear, washable, and compatible with most devices.
VOLUME LIMITED FOR HEARING PROTECTION: The headband is soft and washable, and the thin speakers are limited to 90 dB to protect little ears. No earbuds sticking in the ear, or bulky headphones that do not really fit.
KIDS EARPHONES FOR SCHOOL & TRAVEL: The comfy and stretchy headband stays in place and will not interfere with car seat headrest or airplane seats, allowing your child to sleep comfortably while traveling.
MADE TO LAST: Featuring a flexible and durable 52-inch braided cord that will not kink, twist or break under normal use. A 3.5 mm stereo plug is compatible with most cell phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.
HEADBAND HEADPHONES FOR KIDS: Kids will love the characters and colors and won’t struggle with uncomfortable earbuds that fall out of place. They can also be pulled down over the eyes as a sleep mask for nap time!,