Generic Lewis N Clark TSA Triple Security Lock Double Cable Combination Luggage Travel !, Silver

New Lewis N Clark Lockdown Tripe Security Lock TSA Compliant Secure Luggage, Bags Suitcases Notebooks And More ! Make sure your luggage lock is never lost, this TSA accepted and recognized double cable lock is designed to attach to your luggage zipper and a unique secondary cable attaches to your handle to secure your lock during normal opening or TSA search. SET YOUR OWN COMBINATION : 1. Turn dials 000 to align with the small dots and pull out Tip A to unlock. 2. Using a pen or sharp tool, press and hold the reset button in the direction while you turn dials to set your new code. Release reset button to finish code setting. Sturdy cast zinc alloy construction with ABS plastic housing and two flexible, coated steel cables Both cables can be release when unlocked, or one can stay attached while the other releases
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