Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Airplane Neck Rest & Plane Accessories (Black)

Product Description

Everlasting Comfort Neck PillowEverlasting Comfort Neck Pillow

Man sitting on airplane uncomfortably vs woman sleeping peacefully using the travel neck pillowMan sitting on airplane uncomfortably vs woman sleeping peacefully using the travel neck pillow

Travel pillow being used on airplane, car, train, and subwayTravel pillow being used on airplane, car, train, and subway

Hand indentation on memory foam neck pillowHand indentation on memory foam neck pillow

Adjustable straps on airplane pillowAdjustable straps on airplane pillow

Side storage pocket on airplane neck pillowSide storage pocket on airplane neck pillow

Washing machine door open for neck pillows for travelingWashing machine door open for neck pillows for traveling

Premium Memory Foam

Adjustable Straps

Cell Phone Pocket

Machine Washable

Memory foam travel pillow kit includes travel bag, sleep mask, and earplugsMemory foam travel pillow kit includes travel bag, sleep mask, and earplugs

Non Woven Fabric Memory Foam Lining Memory Foam Memory Foam

Ideal For
Bedding, Sweaters, Jackets, Pants, Shoes Individuals under 6 ft (183cm) tall Feet, Legs, Hips, Lower Back Tailbone, Hips, Legs, Lower Back

Clear top and side view windows Carrying bag for added convenience Doubles as a foot rocker for active sitting U-Shaped coccyx cutout

Machine Washable

Is sleeping upright bad? While not necessarily bad for you, sleeping upright can be uncomfortable, especially during long flights or road trips. Using our neck travel pillow, it can help keep your head, neck, and shoulders in the proper position for better spinal alignment. Benefits of a travel pillow? Flying, driving, and commuting can be rough on your neck and shoulders. Neck pillows for traveling have many benefits including supporting your upper body to promote the correct sitting posture, helps minimize head tilt, and keeps you from putting excessive strain on your neck. Are they allowed on planes? Yes, neck rest pillows are allowed on planes. Current travel guidelines state that a travel pillow is considered part of your attire and will not count towards your allotted number for carry-ons and personal belongings. With this in mind, we’re sure our memory foam neck pillow will quickly make it to the top of your list of favorite plane travel essentials. How to choose a neck pillow? A good neck pillow should first and foremost serve to support your head, neck, and shoulders. With the Everlasting Comfort travel neck pillow, it’s designed with thick memory foam to provide full coverage for your neck and raised lobes that keep your head and neck in the proper position no matter your sleeping position. Extra features for added convenience like adjustable straps, cell phone storage pocket, and washable cover make our neck rest a must add to your list of airplane accessories. How to wear a neck pillow? Using our airplane pillow is simple. Wrap the neck rest around your neck and allow it to sit comfortably on your shoulders. Adjustable straps in the front allow you to tighten or loosen the neck pillow to your preference.

💺No Longer Struggle with Uncomfortable Airline Seats: Made with premium memory foam, our neck pillow adapts to your shoulders and neck to cradle and support your upper body during long flights
👍Instant Neck Pain Relief: Sleeping upright in your seat can lead to neck stiffness. With our airplane neck pillow, you get the support you need to stay in the proper position, reducing pain
📱Storage Pocket for Added Convenience: Our neck pillow for travel has a unique side storage compartment that’s perfect for holding your cell phone, glasses, or keys while you sleep
✈️Complete Travel Set: Get the sleep you deserve no matter if you’re traveling by plane, train, or car. Our travel neck pillow comes with memory foam earplugs, sleeping mask, and carrying bag
😴Sleeping on a Plane Just Got Easier: Our airplane pillow has a raised lobe design that supports your head and neck no matter your sleeping position; reducing head tilt
☑️Certified Safe Materials: In our commitment to providing you with high quality items, our memory foam travel pillow has been tested by OEKO-TEX to earn their coveted STANDARD 100 label; meaning every component of our neck pillow is certified safe and harmless
☁️Feels Great on Your Neck: Other neck pillows for traveling have a rough cover that traps heat, but not ours. We included a plush velour cover that’s soft and breathable for superior comfort,