DMoose Kids Travel Tray, Toddler Car Seat Lap Activity Tray with Padded Comfort Base, Side Walls, Mesh Snack Pockets, Tablet Holder, Waterproof Car Seat, Stroller, Learn Area (Grey)

Product Description

DMoose Car Seat TrayDMoose Car Seat Tray

Say goodbye to toddler tantrums and make your car rides smooth!

Keeping your kids busy in the backseat during long car rides can be a hectic job, but with a kids car seat travel tray toddler lap activities, you can allow yourself the luxury of stress-free car journeys! Your toddlers are guaranteed to no longer throw any tantrums and give you a headache!

Product details:

Travel Lap Tray for Kids3 Available Colors and PatternsWell-Balanced and LightweightAdjustable Stability StrapSpill-Proof, Water-Resistant FinishGender Neutral (Boys and Girls)Registered PatentNon-Toxic and PVC Free

DMoose FitnessDMoose Fitness

Your Child’s Play And Study Center!

Let your toddler develop useful skills with the help of a DMoose car tray for kids road trip that keeps your kid engaged during long hours of boring car journeys! The travel tray consists of all the perks that make it extremely functional and efficient for car rides and child play!

If you’d like your kid to spend their boring car rides learning and being creative instead, get them the baby car seat table tray for kids that comes with many added benefits. So let your toddler stay busy with their business while you relax care-free!

DMoose FitnessDMoose Fitness

DMoose Travel Tray Is Great For Storage Of Toys, Pencils, Coloring Books, Markers, Tablets, And Other Small Items!

Not only does the kids car lap tray allow your kid a mounted table for their activities, but it also keeps everything neat and organized, giving your toddler easy access to all their favorites!

You can use the sturdy and durable storage compartments for storing various things, from munchable snacks to colored pencils and many more!

Sturdy Sidewalls that mount up perfectly, not to interrupt activities that your child may be engaged in!A stationary Holder pocket allows your kid to easily store and access all their colored pencils and other necessary stuff.Wide-Zipped Pocket allows everything to stay in place and organized. It can be used for the storage of bigger items like notebooks, coloring books, or storybooks.Bottle/Drinks Holder will allow easy storage and access for drinks or juices that your child may need during the car journey.

Amazing Activity Table For A Variety Of Fun Car Ride Activities!

DMoose FitnessDMoose Fitness

DMoose FitnessDMoose Fitness

DMoose FitnessDMoose Fitness

Build A Puzzle!

Let your toddler engage in fun learning experiences with the DMoose car Travel tray like building a puzzle!

This activity can keep them busy for a longer period and boost their skill development!

Read A Book!

You can let your kids start the habit of reading at an early age and allow their minds to wander in imaginative worlds while you drive around roads peacefully!

Watch A Movie!

Strap up the DMoose kid travel tray to allow your kids some fun watching movies on their tablet mounted up front!

DMoose FitnessDMoose Fitness

Smarter, More Versatile Design For Toddlers To Easily Use!

The DMoose car tray for kids is smartly-designed for toddlers to figure out on their own easily! This will keep you care-free as everything will be perfectly neat and tidy in the backseat. Not just that, but the fact that your kids will have easy access to everything will make them less fussy and more concentrated!

✅ COMFORTABLE, WELL BALANCED DESIGN – Our carseat tray for kids travel features a soft, wool padded base that’s lightweight and supportive and features reinforced sturdy walls to keep snacks, toys, or crayons from rolling away or falling on the floor.
✅ WATERPROOF, PARENT-FRIENDLY SURFACE – This DMoose kids car tray for traveling has a TPU coating that keeps it from absorbing liquids or spills to make cleaning up a breeze. Simply remove it with the one-click buckle and wipe it down with a wet wipe or rag with little effort.
✅ SUPPORTS EARLY LEARNING ADVENTURERS – Long rides and trips are not only less stressful on parents thanks to the smart design it gives children an opportunity to stay mentally and physically engaged while promoting independence and creativity.
✅ STRETCHABLE MESH STORAGE POCKETS – The stretchy pockets of travel tray for kids car seat also help keep your child more organized and prevent things from rolling around on the play surface. They’re ideal for small books, toys, pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, snacks, or other essentials.,