Digital Luggage Scale with Measuring Tape – Measures Luggage Weight Precisely – Tare Function for Resetting Device Included

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When travelling, one is required to make sure that its baggage meets the weight criteria as determined by the airport or airline. If the luggage weight exceeds the total, it could require them to pay excessive charges for the bags. Or, it may require them to leave their bags behind—which is never an optimal solution. One is always required to make sure to keep a digital measuring scale at their home, so they could measure their bags before travelling. We have introduced an exclusively manufactured digital manufacturing scale, which uses convertible measurements for measuring your bags and cartons. It features the following specifications which makes it an excellent investment for you: · The measuring device comes with high-precision gauge sensors which measures your baggage’s weight effectively and precisely. · The built-in retractable measuring tape allows a user to measure the dimensions of their boxes or bags without any hassle. · The device features a LCD screen with backlight display for reading the measurements accurately. · It is designed to inform a user on capacity overload. Once the luggage exceeds the recommended weight, the display light would turn red. It serves as an indication to remove excessive weight from the luggage. · The inclusion of high-precision sensor measures the weight of your luggage perfectly. · The device includes an auto power-off feature, which enables the device to turn off automatically when not in use. · The device is equipped with tare function, and it enables a user to read the measurements of grocery bags or travelling bags effectively. · The addition of an auto-lock feature allows you to take accurate measurements of the weight without the values changing constantly. It can hold a maximum weight of 110lbs with graduation up to 0.05kg/0.2 lb.
MULTIPLE FEATURES IN ONE SCALE: Our luggage scale with a measuring tape would make an excellent investment for you, as it includes multiple features in one scale. It features modern specifications, which enable a user to convert measurements results as per its preference.
CONVENIENT TO USE: the addition of a large-sized LCD screen to the device helps a user in reading precise measurements of a baggage. The LCD display is further supplemented with a backlight display and lock weight function. Lightweight scale is easy to carry, and it makes a perfect tool for measuring weight of shopping bags, grocery bags, and postal parcel without relying on traditional and outdated measuring tools.
HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL TARE FUNCTION: the inclusion of tare function into a luggage measuring and scale device plays an essential role in determining its quality and performance. The addition of tare function is primarily used for resetting the current capacities, quantities, and measurements of the luggage bag.
TAPE MEASURE INCLUDED: Our luggage scale is equipped with a built-in measuring tape, which allows you to note down the dimensions of your baggage on the go. You can simply pull out the measuring tape from its slot, and measure the size, width, and length of the luggage with its assistance.
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