Delray Beach Florida

Hello YouTube: my name is Marcelo, and this is for seasons adventures. Today we are in Delray Beach, a true hidden gem, just south of west palm beach. Florida stay with us, and I give you the tour do? How is it?


Is it cold? No, not that much I feel like. I want to try, it’s so beautiful, it’s very peaceful! Oh, what a beauty it’s so relaxing indeed, but there is more Delray Beach to be discovered. the mediterranean style, dominated the landscape of downtown DelRay for many years, like this beautiful hotel, that is almost 100 years old, but Delray like everything else, is changing like this store, closing its doors after 87 years, the owner of the Store is retiring.


Maybe the store is no longer relevant to the new public Delray has become the most expensive tourist destination in Florida. In just a few blocks. there are lots of restaurants to serve the needs of year-round tourism yeah. The already is changing the whole boutiques are being replaced by the new and the art galleries, don’t look the same anymore and neither their customers. I have seen the change in this last 25 years: the beautiful neighborhoods and the multi-million dollar houses are still there, but there is more younger people.


Now, and bars are becoming the new thing: In any case, they’re actually perfect to grab a bite to eat and to celebrate my birthday, and that’s all we have for this video. I hope you like it and you give it a thumbs up.

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