CruiSeaU 4 Packs Cruise Luggage Tag Holders for Carnival, NCL & Princess Cruise, Cruise Essentials by Cruise Crew Members, Blank, 6.5×3.5 inches

Size: 6.5 x 3.5 inch, made to fit Carnival, NCL & Princess Cruise Luggage eTags. The cruise lines send a 11.5 x 8 inch paper by email, print it and follow the directions to fold it and slide it to the tag holder. The tags fit nicely with a little extra space both height and width wise. Features: Transparent PVC on both sides, so your luggage info won’t be blocked. Zip top seal will prevent your luggage tags from getting wet or lost, make your embarking day safe and smooth. Stainless Steel Metal Rings are extremely durable and rust-proof when exposed to water, can be reused for your future cruises.  If you are tired of taping and stapling paper tags to your luggage, which looks tacky and easily get damaged or get lost, it is time to update your cruise accessories. These tag holders will make you look like a seasoned cruiser. Step 1 – Print E-tags sent by Cruise lines Your luggage etags will be sent from Cruise lines by email. Print them on standard papers. Step 2 – Fold E-tags as instructed. Instructions are showed on each E-tag on how to fold to fit E-tag holders. Step 3 – Slide the printed Cruise Tags in Holders After the tags are folded, insert them to the tag holders, and zip them. Step 4 – Fasten cap lock Tie the plastic holder and your luggage with the stain steel loop. Fasten the cap lock by screwing. Package includes: 4 pcs Luggage Tag Holders, 2 pcs crew thank you cards.
Cruise Lines Coverage-Fits Carnival, NCL & Princess Cruise. Cruise tag holders are made to fit cruise itineraries worldwide, whether you are in Caribbean, Mediterranean or Alaska, your luggage will be protected.
Zip Seal Protection- As crew member, we have seen too many disappointed guests because of luggage missing in the first day of the cruise. A zip top seal will prevent your tags getting lost or wet. A metal eyelet provides extra protection to your luggage. The plastic is heavy duty.
Quantity and Size – 4 packs/set. 3.5 inch width, 7.5 inch length. Your boarding pass sent by the cruise lines will fit easily, making your embarking day of the cruise smooth. Two CREW THANK YOU CARDS are included in the package.
Buy With Confidence -No more stapling flimsy paper tags to your cruise luggage. No more trying to seal paper tags in transparent tape. These ways could be failed if your luggage are sometimes handled roughly by the porter or housekeeping on board. Our luggage tag holders are sturdy enough to solve this problem.
Crew Thank You Cards- Each package includes two pcs of thank you cards. Crew members are part of your cruise. Their service deserves more appreciation. These cards are much better for tipping the cruise crew than just handing them cash.
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