BRAND NEW: 55+ RV Resort Near The Villages in Florida



What’s up y’all, I’m Kyle you’re watching driving in vibing today, I’m sharing with you, our latest RV park, stay it’s at Sunkist RV Resort and I’m going to give you all the details, so stay tuned. Welcome back to the channel y’all! Thank you. So much for being here today and thank you to Sunkist before inviting us here to check out their brand-new RV Resort. This is no joke, brand-new.


It was opened up to the public. I believe this month, so everything is as fresh as can be. It’s located near the villages, which is a really big retirement community about 65 miles northwest of Orlando. To give you a little perspective of the location, we’re kind of unique for staying here, because this is a 55 and over part, so obviously Olivia and I or Nora aren’t quite 55 yet and you don’t necessarily have to be 55 to stay here. But the rule book says that someone in your RV site has to be 55 or older.


So if you’re not quite 55, yet bring your parents or your grandparents along to stay with you at Sunkist. But if you are 55 awesome, because this place is sweet and believe it or not, our demographic on YouTube is mostly 55 and over so hey if you’re 55 or over, give us a comment below and a big thumbs up. So, let’s start with the RV site itself, you can see behind me here. The Airstream has plenty of room to fit on it. Our truck is on it with room to spare.


This is a like a bricked pad, which is completely level. The one thing that’s awesome about this brick pad is that I wash the Argosy the other day on it, and water did not collect at all. It just quickly went into the ground, leaving no puddles, so that was an awesome part about this pad being bricked, rather than paved still super high quality, but the water build-up was just my new, which is awesome also being a brand new Park. One of the awesome things about it is that the electric, the sewer, the water hookup, are all brand new. They haven’t been used and abused for years.


It is the most pristine sewer connection we’ve ever had. So that’s a big perk about a new park and a big reason why we wanted to check it out and you might think through these videos that you’re seeing of the park that it’s kind of quiet here and it definitely is quiet because it just opened about a month ago, it’s I would say, at 25 percent occupancy, but if you’re like us and didn’t make reservations in Florida long enough in advance, this park you’re bound to get reservations for this winter, next winter it’ll be a whole another story. So, one of the reasons why this is an ideal 55 and over park is because they really focus on the community. Here they have activities daily and it’s all listed in their huge community center. Not only do they have food activities, health activities, they also have weekly live entertainment.


I should have asked them sooner if they were booked because I’d love to play here, but the outdoor pool is absolutely amazing. I see courses in there every day for exercise or maybe they’re playing games as well. I haven’t been brave enough to take a dip in the pool. Yet, though pickleball my mom loves pickleball, they have three courts here. They also have shuffle ball so tons of outdoor activities and again these are all brand new amenities, so they just are in pristine condition.


In the clubhouse itself is awesome, you could probably host a party of 200 in there. They have a workout room with Nordic Track equipment. They also have a pool room in there for shooting some pool again great facility and they are dog friendly, which we always love. They not only have doggy bag stations located throughout the park, but they also have a dog park with a dog bath that has actual hot water on it. So you can treat your dog to a nice warm bath and let them play in the dog park.


Whenever RV parks give a little extra attention to the dogs, it makes our stay so much more enjoyable. The nightly rates here really are reasonable. For this being a full-service resort, I think they start around 40 bucks a night and work their way up we’re at a second tier site. This is like a premium back inside. I believe their highest end site is like a premium puller, if I’m not mistaken, and then they also have a standard back in but they’re all going to be beautiful, they’re all going to be brand new.


I would think any site would do you well, but if you got an extra big rig and want an extra big parking area, definitely check out that premium pull through site. It has for the area here so again, Olivia and I are kind of out of our typical bubble when we come visit here. This is a straight-up retirement, active senior living community, not only the RV park but the whole surrounding area is really geared towards active retirees. So the village’s is one of the biggest retirement communities in America. So there is so much to do here if you’re, an active retiree, we’ve seen soccer leagues for active retirees, we’ve seen so many different health and wellness centers and they just cater to the older demographic.


In this area, so if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle and be somewhere that really caters towards your lifestyle, it would be great for a lady – and I we’ve enjoyed it for a little downtime here, but hey. We are ready to get back out at the beach, so that’s where we’re going to be heading next.