Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags, Rip-Resistant and Doggie Waste Bag Refills With d2w Controlled-Life Plastic Technology – Pack of 240, Pink Heart (Scented)


Looking for heavy-duty dog poop bags that don’t easily break?

Smarter waste bags that you can confidently toss in the trash?

Then you’ll love our new and improved doggy bags!

We went back to the drawing board and created extra-strong leak-proof bags made using a
special ingredient. The secret behind this smart technology? A certified additive known as d2w.
It shortens the life of our bags at the end of its useful life when it ends up in the open

So you get to throw your pet’s waste without destroying the environment.

Here are more reasons you’ll love these strong poop bags:

  • – Made with 15 microns-thick plastic for greater strength.
  • – Well-sealed seams prevent the bags from ripping.

– The opaque design masks the contents of the bags.- Scented with a jasmine fragrance that keeps odor at bay.- Very easy to separate from the roll thanks to high-quality perforations.- Sized at 13” (L) x 9” (H) to handle poop from all breeds.- They leave you enough room at the top to create a knot.- Backed by a 100.

Go ahead, get heavy-duty biodegradable poop bags that you can toss guilt-free!
LEAK-PROOF POO BAGS:Never have to worry about your dog waste BAGS ripping. Our heavy-duty doggy BAGS for poop are crafted from extra-thick plastic with tear-resistant seams.
MAKING PLASTIC SMARTER: Unlike other pet waste bags that harm the environment, ours lasts much shorter time if it gets into the open environment due to presence of d2w additive.
MASK THE MESS: No more cringing in disgust. Opaque, scented, and beautifully designed, these doggie bags for poop make picking up after your four-legged pal less of a nightmare.
EASY TO SEPARATE AND OPEN: High-quality perforations make separating the biodegradable poop bags a breeze. So you get to clear the mess much faster.
SIZED JUST RIGHT: Measuring 13” (L) x 9” (H), the pet poop bags are large enough to handle the largest of deposits. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and start picking up your pup’s poop with confidence!,