Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bag Holder Leash Attachment Reusable Dispenser for Travel, Walking, Park, and Outdoor Use, Durable with Clip-On – Fuchsia, (Pack of 2) 30 Bags DS02-2FSW

The moment you take your dog outside for a quick walk around shared community areas you’re going to want to take a few poop bags with you so you can clean up any messes they leave behind. But stuffing them in a pocket can be annoying, especially when your dog is pulling and trying to get back on the move. That’s why we developed these high-quality, reusable Best Pet Supplies Waste Bag Dispensers that let you keep a full roll of poop bags on hand and attach directly to their leash, so you can grab a bag, clean it up, and keep going with less effort.
Reusable Poop Bag Dispenser – Designed to hold pet poop bags. This dog poop bag dispenser attaches to your dog’s leash and lets you pick up after them when you’re going for a walk, at the dog park, stopping on car travels, and much more.
Quick Leash Attachment – Each poop bag holder also features a heavy-duty clip on the top that lets you attach it to a leash in seconds. It can also be attached to backpacks when hiking, a belt loop, or even your keyring.
Durable Material – These are made with a high-quality plastic that better protects the bags and makes them easier to remove.
Small, Compact, and Lightweight – The ideal size to hook up to your leash handle without slowing you down our dog poop bag holder leash attachment comes in many colors to match your leash, harness, or other pet accessories.
Universal, Refillable Design – Compatible with any standard dog poop bags brand these poop bag holders for leashes work with most roll sizes, so you can save money, reduce waste, and keep your local community cleaner when you’re on the go.,