Baby Bottle Drying Rack for Travel,Portable Drying Rack and Bottle Brush Set for Working Mom, Visit Families, Friends or Camping,Pink

Suitable for most baby bottles on the market:
This baby bottle dry rack is can work for Tommee Tippee Bottles, Dr Browns Bottles, Nuk Bottles, Medela Bottles, Philips Avent Bottles, MAM Bottles, Munckin Latch bottles ect.

Product features and services:
Assembly and disassembly are very simple.

Small size and easy to carry, it can be used at home and travel!
Multifunctional, let you experience happiness in the process of using!
Exquisite workmanship,they are the choice of fashionable mothers, and they are also very tasteful as gifts.

Package Included:
1*600ml organizer case
1 * 9.6inches baby silicone bottle brush
1 * 5.3inches baby silicone nipple brush
1 * 5.1inches baby straw brush
1 * 50ml baby bottle soap container
1* travel baby bottle drying rack

Please clean the product before use
Clean this product with baby bottle soap after use and air-dry it
Keep away from fire and strong heat sources and avoid direct sunlight

Drying rack to avoid baby bottle breeding bacteria.The Baby bottle cleaning and drying set uses all food grade materials.Food-grade liquid silicone brush head,BPA Free,safe and odorless,Pliable and durable,Cleans baby bottles thoroughly while leaving no scratch.
Baby bottle brush and nipple brush all liquid silicone,the brush handle is firm and not easy to fall off.
The whole set is dishwasher safe.Please clean the product before use.Clean this product with baby bottle soap after use and air-dry it .Do not boil or steam this product to avoid deformation.The silicone brush head(not including the wand)could be disinfected by boiling and steaming.
Easy to carry on nice to look at.Parent-child travel ,elegant and easy to carry on home use,convenient to access,even in the airport, nursery, hotel, outdoor activities are also suitable.,