AVIRGO Luggage Tag Flexible Fully Bendable & Bright Silicone Baggage Tags for Travel & Suitcases. Loops for Secure Fastening Travel Bag & Baggage ID Party Favors

Durable strap to keep your luggage tag secure. Easily identify your luggage and avoid lost belongings when travelling. Flexible soft tags with loops for attaching to Luggage. Distinguish your bags and luggage when travelling or camping with friends. You can use these tags with any handle. Just unlock the rubber strap and lock it on the handle. Soft, but durable tags. All products come in a special distinct branded packaging
The product consists of 21 rubber pcs and exact model designs as show on main image.FUN AND UNIQUE! Our luggage tags give your bag personality and make them EASY TO FIND with our bright designs! Use them with backpacks, purses, luggage bags, travel cases. In addition you can use then with jackets, outer wear, sportswear and other clothes. Add color and style to your bag. Fastens through any handle on airline luggage, medical equipment, business briefcase, golf bag, baby stroller
LONG LASTING – Made of Durable Silicone and rubber. They could be attached (and detached) in seconds. Bright and vivid colors of PVC (rubber) models will never fade or peal, and are dishwasher safe.
CONVENIENT – No one will mistake your bag for theirs with these fun designs.The cartoon characters now came alive in a form of easy to install and fun to use decorations. The models’ vivid and bright colors will bring a new look to the backpacks and luggage bags. And when they get dirty – just quickly unhook them and place in the dishwasher – the colors will never fade as they are a permanent part of the material, and are not painted on the surface. The example of use picture will act as a guide
First detail page image shows the exact designs and quantity of the models in the particular set. Other images may show examples of use, installation help, etc. As a legal disclaimer, in very rear instances we reserve the right to substitute some of the models (discontinued by manufacturer / permanently unavailable) – this almost never happens.,