8 Pack Luggage Tag, Aluminum Luggage Tags Set, Luggage Tag with Name ID Card, Luggage Tag Holders for Travel Luggage Baggage Identifier, Bag Baggage Tags Suitcase Identify Labels with Privacy Cover

When you are in airports, high-speed rail stations, outdoor camping, gatherings of friends, and courtyards, such bright and stylish luggage id tags appear on your backpacks, luggage bags, travel bags, suitcases and other items that require you to identify them. At that time, it was such a pleasant scene.
On the other side, a passenger at the airport security checkpoint was anxiously looking for his suitcase, and said frustratedly: Which one is my suitcase? They all look the same. I need help. I think this set of aluminum luggage id tags for suitcases should solve her problem.

Information summary of aluminum luggage tags:
1. Aluminum suitcase tags, stainless steel ring, PVC information card.
2. The list includes 8 sets of business card luggage tags, each set contains: luggage label + information card + steel ring.
3 Size: backpack name tags for kids size L 3.15 x W 1.65 x H 0.08 IN, weight 0.35oz, stainless steel ring size: L 6.7in, weight 0.1oz.
4. Color combination: Black, blue, purple, red, gold, green, rose red, brown.
5. Easy to install and disassemble: After unpacking the initial luggage tags, pass the stainless steel wire rope through the luggage label, PCV protective film and information card at the same time, and lock the screw lock. When replacing it, unscrew the lock in the opposite direction.

Reminder of kids bag tags for backpacks:
√Please confirm the size, color and quantity of suitcase tags for kids before purchasing.
√Different display screens may have errors in color.
√If you want to put in another information card, please make the same size as the original information card. ,