253Pcs Zipper Repair Kit Zipper Replacement with Installation Pliers Tool and Zipper Extension Pulls for Sleeping Bags Jacket Tent Luggage Backpacks Boots

Method of installing zipper replacement parts:
Please make sure your zipper size and type,get tools ready
Step 1: Take off the top stops on the top of the zipper tape,remove the unusable zipper slider
Step 2: Take correct type of new slider in the right direction and fix it on the zipper tape start from tape bottom, make sure teeth are matching of both side right and left
Step 3: Fix the bottom stops on the tape bottom , Please distinguish face and back,the square side should be the face side. Best position, covering the bottom of a chain. The bottom of the plug bite teeth, durable, elegant appearance
Step 4:Fix the top stops on the tape up 1MM away from the teeth to ensure the appearance and firmness
Step 5:Please move the slider up and down to test the function after finish above 4 steps,polish zipper teeth with wax or spray to make zippers smoother and move easily

Professional and complete kit of zipper repair, very suitable for both beginners and professionals. Great gift for frequent traveler, mother, grandmother,backpacker and little girls. The kit is equally good for use by both men and women, and is definitely something that people would love to use

Packaging Contains:
#3 Nylon Coil Tooth Sliders (Single Pull)-5x Silve + 5x black No lock
#5 Nylon Coil Tooth Sliders (Single Pull)-5x Silve + 5x black No lock
#8 Nylon Coil Tooth Sliders (Single Pull)-5x Silve + 5x black No lock
#3 Nylon Coil Tooth Sliders (Double Pull)-3x Silve + 3x black No lock
#5 Nylon Coil Tooth Sliders (Double Pull)-3x Silve + 3x black No lock
#5 Plastic Zipper Sliders (Single Pull)-5x Silve With Lock
#5 Metal Zipper Sliders (Single Pull)-5x Antique Brass With Lock
#5 Nylon Coil Tooth Sliders (Single Pull)-5x Silve + 5x black With Lock
180x Stops(Top Stops + Bottom Stops)
5x Black Zipper Pulls
5x White Zipper Pulls
1 x Zipper Install Plier
1 x Clear Storage Box

【Zipper replacement kit】Come with 253pcs in total. 30 pcs sliders for nylon coil zippers without lock(3# ,5#,8#), 12pcs zipper slider for nylon coil zippers without lock((3# ,5#,), 20pcs sliders with locking for metal zippers(5#), 10pcs black & white pulls, 180pcs stops(3#,5#,8#),1 install plier.
【High-quality Material】Made of high-strength metal, superb electroplating process, not easy to fade.Zipper install plier: the length is about 4 inch,Great for installing zipper stoppers, fits for various sizes of zipper stoppers,Strong nylon cord with non-slip textured grip, sturdy and durable for long lasting, not fade.
【EASY TO USE】Attaches easily onto almost any regular zipper as a replacement or add on zipper extension.Non-slip grip, comfortable to hold it.DIY your zipper, make it dfferent.
【Easy using safe storage】The out packaging is a transparent plastic box, each a separate grid, so that you can easily find the color you want.A useful needle-nose pliers.Includes illustrated instruction manual filled with information on repairs and useful tips
【Wide range of application】Provide a variety of sizes and shapes of universal Replacement slider, suitable for, luggage, outdoor tent, wallet, luggage, backpack zipper repair. Suitabel for clothing、jacket, outdoor.,